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Get the best moving and packing services in all of UAE. We are just a call away.

We can live anywhere in the world; we love our homes and everything associated with them, and when it comes time to move, we are afraid of breaking things. We all require someone who can shift like a pro. Sam Movers and packers are the best options for moving to Abu Dhabi.

Sam Movers & Packers is a legal entity in Dubai. We are the best packers and movers in Abu Dhabi, in particular. In addition, we have been in the Movers and Packers Business for over a decade and have many satisfied customers who have used our services.

We offer services like

      • Customer support 24/7.
      • Guaranteed security.
      • Pocket and budget-friendly services.
      • World-class packing with 100% safety.
      • Years of Expertise.
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The movers and packers work hard to alleviate your anxiety. We relocate your home and related items without causing any damage to them. You can contact us if you need to relocate, and our team will personally handle all of the details.


The most important thing is to keep your belongings safe from harm, and they should be properly packed. Sam Movers’ team of movers and packers does an excellent job of packing all of your belongings. By looking at our packaging techniques, you will realize that all of your belongings are in good hands.

Loading and unloading your furniture and fragile items is also a difficult task. Some items may break down as a result of the loading and unloading. However, the expert staff at Sam movers, movers, and packers, takes great care in loading and unloading each item. We take great care not only in loading and unloading but also in keeping a record of your belongings.

So you can check all of your belongings after shifting, and if any of them are misplaced, it will be our responsibility because we are professional movers and packers in Abu Dhabi. As a moving company in Abu Dhabi, we offer shifting services not only for your household items but also for your bikes and cars.

We have vehicles for moving all of your belongings and will deliver them to the correct location. If you need to store your belongings while moving, we have storage facilities as well as a professional mover and packer.

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packing and moving

For a local move, the average cost of movers and packers in Abu Dhabi is estimated. The cost of moving companies in Sharjah, like that of other major Arab cities, is determined by a variety of factors, including:

      • The total amount of material to be moved.
      • The space between the old and new properties.
      • Both accommodations are available.
      • The sought-after moving services.

If you are relocating to Abu Dhabi or simply changing your address within the city, we will provide you with numerous benefits for selecting Sam movers and packers. You can save up to 40% by working with us.


By hiring Sam movers and packers, you will receive benefits such as secure transportation as well as additional services such as packaging, furniture lift rental, etc.


In addition, we offer storage and warehouse services. You can keep your belongings in these storage and warehouse facilities. You will not have to worry about wasting time with Sam movers because we are very dedicated to our work. And perseverance can help you finish your shifting project on time. You can rely on us for any type of service.

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Sam movers and packers have extensive experience. We and our well-trained staff have been at your disposal for many years. We maintain our distinct identity in Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE.

Our mission is to provide excellence in moving and packaging services using the most up-to-date technology to maintain the highest quality levels in this manner. We can ensure swish relocation while maintaining our valued customers’ trust that they are our true assets. We are completely dedicated to client satisfaction and, as a result, the protection of their product.

For the completion of the services, we have highly qualified and knowledgeable specialists on hand. Above all, our professionals are acquainted with all the fundamentals of the business. Furthermore, the area unit is prepared with the most recent convenience for the areas that necessitate them.

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